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Panels in Poor Taste: 02/19/2016 – Eyeball-Palooza 2016

We’ve reached week four of the Panels in Poor taste column of 2016. What was the best gore, sex, and all out weirdness we collected over the week?

༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ What the F am I looking at? WTF of the week 😱

Citizen Jack #4

Written by Sam Humphries | Art by Tommy Patterson
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: The fingernail fungus commercials have gone too far!

Patrick!: Dave put his recurring dream on his Tinder profile, and no one swipes to meet him. Well…that one time.

Lisa: I bet this guy kicks ass at charades.

Man vs. Rock: The most creative anti-masturbation PSA put out by the Catholic Church since the “Jerkin’ John Paul II” ads of the ‘90’s.

Dog: I don’t know; if I had a mouth on each hand, I’d never leave the house.

Nick: Pretty sure I’m going to print a few copies of this page and stick it above every ‘EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS’ sign that I see.

👙Let’s talk about sex…baby? Sexytime of the week 🏩

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #12

Written and art by David Lapham
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: I see a pirate and a clown which makes me think this is a subtle jab at Johnny Depp’s performance as Jack Sparrow. What? Reaching?

Patrick!: 6:55 PM?! I don’t want to see a clown stripper until 9pm at the earliest! I’m a family man god-dammit! I have standards!

Dog: I don’t understand why they had to dredge this up for the Bozo retrospective. Everyone did stuff they weren’t proud of when they were young.

Lisa: This was just the kind of intel Veronica was waiting for. Once she told Archie about Betty’s “night job” as a pirate stripper he would be all hers.

Nick: You have to respect the clown stripper for going full method with the props, though.

Dave: That’s one way to sanitize a penis.

Patrick!: Sandra’s puke fetish had finally met its match with Chaz’s power tools at 7 fetish.

Man vs. Rock: When a stripper pukes all over you, it still technically counts as third base.

Dog: “Seven already?! S--t, Bozo’s snapped up all the big-spenders at ‘Red Nose, Red Knob’ by now!”

Lisa: Sapphire was never good with sexual slang; all she knew was she was supposed to “toss” something.

Nick: Kool-Aid Man always workshops his new entrance methods at strip clubs.

💉 Is that blood? Gore of the week 💀

I Hate Fairyland #5

Written and Art by Skottie Young
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: A good ejected eyeball is a favorite at AiPT!, but how about one that droops down and looks at you too?!


Patrick!: Hey, girl. Yeah you with the high and tights. You reach down and get that kidney, put it in a pot with a little water and some carrots and onions? You got a stew going!

Lisa: Plenty of money for lasers but sadly no dental plan for the mountains.

Dog: Looks like Living Laser facefucked a jack-o’-lantern.

Man vs. Rock: So that’s how Justice Scalia died …


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