It’s safe to say the high of Back to the Future has worn off from last year. Everyone was excited because 2015 was the year the film went to the future. Now that the high is over can the comic launched last year continue its sales and more importantly remain a quality book?

Back To The Future #5 (IDW)

Back to the Future #5 opens with Doc, his wife Clara and their two kids Jules and Verne. He’s attempting to use the time travel train we saw at the end of Back to the Future 3, but before he kicks off we get inside Clara’s head. This issue recounts her past as well as some of Doc’s.

Why does this book matter?

You gotta love the idea of more stories in this universe. Since time travel can erase events and remake them the stories within technically do and don’t exist. That leaves for tales that may not be, or could very well be in canon. So far we’ve learned new things about the character and more likely than not they did happen. (Getting confused yet?) That makes for a comic that could build on a series that’s cherished by many.

More train please!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

If you ever wanted to know more about Clara this is the issue for you. This issue delves into her youth and how she ended up in the West. John Barber and Erik Burnham do a good job capturing her voice as she narrates her life’s journey. While the story probably could have gone a bit more in depth with the trials of being a women in the 1800’s it does capture her uncommon nature for adventure.

The story weaves from her tale to Doc recounting the events of Back to the Future 2 and there’s a big reveal here. A moment transpires that shows us Doc talking to himself – in this timeline Doc is in an insane asylum – and in many ways this story explains why Doc would want to stay in the West.

Bit of a snore.

Artist Marcelo Farreira does a solid job. The story has a somewhat cartoony look and feel that suits the bumbling nature this series has had so far. The Clara flashback scenes are quite good capturing the clothing and setting very well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Aside from learning about Clara’s somewhat average childhood and the reveal of Doc in the asylum this issue is largely summary of events we already knew. I have to wonder who this issue is written for since more likely than not those who pick it up will have seen all three films. Reading the events of Back to the Future 2 and knowing how things will turn out with the train makes this issue feel tired and pointless. Clara’s backstory isn’t that memorable either and much of it you could have gleaned from Back to the Future 3 anyway.

Is It Good?

If this series continues to stick a new detail or two into a very unmemorable story – in this case a summary of Back to the Future 2 – it’s going to continue to be as boring and pointless as this.

Back to the Future #5 Review
The art doesn't falter The one nugget of new info is haunting and helps explain why Doc wanted to stay in the West
Spends 4 or so pages recounting Back to the Future 2Clara's backstory is rather ordinary and doesn't add much to what we already knewFeels like a lot of filler
3Overall Score
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