The 6th edition of PiPT is ready for your consumption. What will be the goriest, weirdest and sexiest panels of the week? Scroll down to find out!

༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ What the F am I looking at? WTF of the week 😱

Prophet Earth War #2

Written by Brandon Graham & Simon Roy | Art by Ron Ackins
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: I always knew Mars was always a giant baby tumor but nobody would listen. Who’s laughing now aswesoondiefrombeingcrushedbybabytaint?!

Dog: Climate change is a myth because hurricanes are actually caused by floating, celestial baby farts. #bencarsonwikipedia

Man Vs. Rock: Man, that’s the last time I party with Neil Degrasse Tyson…

Patrick!: “Look, I get it. I take Valentines Day WAY TOO FAR, but you can at least say THANK YOU.”

👙Let’s talk about sex…baby? Sexytime of the week 🏩

Revival #37

Written by Tim Seeley | Art by Mike Norton
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: The “Trump Method” of determining if you were straight or gay never really worked, but everyone secretly enjoyed making it rain.

Man Vs. Rock: Tina is living proof that Trump University will help you achieve your dreams!

Patrick!: It’s really hard for the artist to capture the broken dreams of a stripper, but damn if the first panel doesn’t knock it out of the park.

Dog: Strip clubs that serve vinegar bottles for Monopoly money! #makeamericagreatagain

💉 Is that blood? Gore of the week 💀

Predator: Life and Death #1

Written by Dan Abnett | Art by Brian Thies
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dave: Cindy was always too quick to call it as his brain matter was the only thing “down” at this point.

Dog: “Only one candidate on this stage did NOT vote to invade Tau Ceti 9!” #feelthebern

Patrick!: “His head’s just a little airborne! It’s still good! It’s still good!”

Man Vs. Rock: Quick! Now’s our chance to fondle him without getting reported to HR!

IXth Generation #8

Written by Matt Hawkins & Ryan Cady | Art by Atilio Rojo
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: I can see now we’re all made of t-bone steaks.

Dog: How Clinton saw herself after Super Tuesday. #whichhillary

Man Vs. Rock: Is it me, or is the WNBA trying a little too hard to attract viewers…

Patrick!: Harley Quinn fan-fiction is getting really pedantic.