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The Hangman #3 Review

Reluctant heroes are great. Reluctant bastards forced to become heroes are even better. This new series by Dark Circle Comics aims to please, but is it good?

The Hangman #3 (Dark Circle Comics)

A new Hangman has taken the mantle and his duty as the “hero” is largely due to his sin on Earth. Once a hitman with no remorse, but still holding down a wife and young child, our protagonist is screwed. He literally entered Hell last issue and is simply trying to figure out what kind of curse his life has become.

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Why does this book matter?

So far writer Frank Tieri has delivered a solid tale that’s gripping and well paced. The first issue took place only over a few scenes, but it was so well crafted it didn’t matter—the amount of character development is well worth the price. Plus, writer Felix Ruiz is drawing one scratchy, mean and evil looking book.

Cool looking power.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

We are slowly but surely learning more about what it means to be The Hangman and this issue delivers big time. It appears this character/creature is of a biblical nature as we learn who will be writing his story from now on. At the same time the villain of the book is revealed and you’ll be extremely surprised to learn the demon’s age. Azmodeus very much hates whoever embodies The Hangman and a threat is looming. At the same time, The Hangman can no longer see his family and we don’t yet know why. There are rules and Tieri is keeping them close to the vest.

This issue offers a major action sequence of sorts, although judging by how new The Hangman is to the job he’s not very good at defending himself. Ruiz infuses the book with a lot of darkness reminding me of the classic Spawn series in a good way. The blood is darkly red and very painful looking. Meanwhile The Hangman powers, seemingly made of shadow, are cool to look at.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is the first issue that offers less character development and a lot more focus on plot progression that offers more questions than answers. Considering the slower pace of this series, this issue does make you want more.

Danger looms.

Is It Good?

This continues to be one of my favorite origin story series in a long time. The character is dark, twisted, and its biblical connections will make you want more.


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