After last week’s great stand alone/fill in issue, Harrow County returns to the main story… kind of.

Is it good?

Harrow County #10 (Dark Horse Comics)


The Plot

  • Once again, Tyler Crook opens the issue by balling out on a beautiful two-page spread.
  • Not sure who these characters are, but that dad sucks at killing snakes.
  • …and recognizing ear wounds, apparently.
  • Always cool to see some more backstory on Bernice and her family—I just wish I knew more about what was happening.
  • Snakes are scary enough without involving witches.
  • Bernice comes through in the clutch with an expositional save—there’s a good reason why ‘childhood stories’ in this book are not to be trusted.
  • Twist endings aren’t very effective when they’re as heavily foreshadowed as this one is.

Is It Good?


I really like where this story arc seems to be going, but Harrow County #10 gets it off to an incredibly slow start. There’s a whole lot of set up used for one creepy moment/cliffhanger.

Now don’t get me wrong—it’s a cool concept that can (and probably will) pay off in future issues. But Harrow County has spoiled us so far with its consistent quality and scares. The art is just as good as always, but writer Cullen Bunn doesn’t give Crook much nightmare fuel to work with—and I say that as someone who is Indian Jones-level scared of snakes. Let’s hope next month brings the book back up to its usual level of unsettling enjoyment.

Harrow County #10 Review
Tyler Crook's art is beautiful as always.The book introduces an intriguing story element...
...which doesn't make for much of a cliffhanger when its been foreshadowed so much.Lots of exposition, lots of set up, and very little payoff (so far).
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