If you were to ask someone what they want in a good horror tale 9 out of 10 would say they wanted it “dark and bloody” which is why this is probably one of the most satisfying titles for a horror comic in ages. The recently released series has reached issue #2, but is it good?

The Dark & Bloody #2 (Vertigo)

Armed Forces veteran Iris Gentry wants to live a simple life making moonshine and providing for his wife and daughter. He’s trying to keep the memories of his tour of Iraq at bay, but the bad dreams still come. Two of his buyers and local idiot friends went missing recently and only we know what happened to them.

Why does this book matter?

The first issue did a good job establishing Iris and delivered a wickedly weird and scary sequence too. Artist Scott Godlewski lends a realistic and somber look at the backwoods of America which allows for this story to feel unique.

Some of these layouts are real nice.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue continues the slower pace of the last as writer Shawn Aldridge brings on a little bit more monster madness. It’s still up in the air what is going on exactly, but a mysterious new stranger is introduced and there is hell to pay. A bit more light is shed on Iris’ day job and the crappy boss he has to deal with. It’s clear there’s a complicated web being untangled by evil and we’re only just now starting to see it.

Scott Godlewski once again delivers a fantastic double page spread, this time with a lot of violence paced well over multiple panels. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Godlewski draws a mean shotgun blast that’s bright and damaging. He also closes this book well with a creeptastic last panel that’ll make you want issue #3 bad.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The slow pace is starting to get even more frustrating, but let’s face it: this is a slow boil sort of horror comic. It’s trying to get under our skin and make us scream. That said there isn’t a lot to chew on besides a few minor details stated above. The monster/villain is still incredibly vague and there isn’t much of a tie to Iraq yet either. There’s reason to believe there are connections, but nothing substantial to hang your hat on or even guess. That makes what could be a the slow burn tantalizing story a tease.


Is It Good?

Something is going on, but there’s still too few details to even guess at what is happening. That leaves the horror of the story so vague it’s not scary at all. That said there’s a solid attack that’s well done and the main character continues to be intriguing.

The Dark & Bloody #2 Review
Solid action sequence with a fantastic layout Interesting new details emerge
It's still so damn vague it's hard to enjoy the tepid read
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