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The Hellboy 100 Project HC Review

Those of you who’ve read my pulpy panel opinions before know of my deep and unabashed love for all things Hellboy. Dark Horse was kind enough to send us a copy of The Hellboy 100 Project, so I figured a few words on it would not only review the book itself, but the awesome Hero Initiative project behind it all.

The Hellboy 100 Project (Dark Horse Comics)

Best mutton chops in the biz.

The Hero Initiative is a 501 (c) 3 set up to help protect comic creators from some of the pitfalls we all tend to drop into in life. To raise money, the novel idea of publishing a comic with a blank cover was launched where multiple artists would create a unique work of art, for auction sale, with the proceeds going to help those in need in the comics industry. To date the Initiative has paid out over 700,000 dollars to 50 people in need.

This book collects The Hellboy 100 together for a pretty nice piece of bookshelf porn. I’ve included a few of the images here, and as you can see they’re all of great quality. If you want to browse through the rest and see the fantastic prices they pulled for the charity, you can see that on the Hero Initiative website.

Is It Good?

This is a volume that is both for the Hellboy collector (sheepishly raises hand), and for someone that wants to help out someone in need in the industry that has made us all feel super at one time or another.


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