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Superman #50 Review

DC Comics continues to release their 50th issues and Superman is next. With his powers recently returned to him can he take out Vandal Savage? Hell, is it good?

Superman #50 (DC Comics)

Can someone tell me why Superman looks evil on the cover?

Vandal Savage has finally done what he’s always wanted and that’s getting closer to the comet that gave him his powers to begin with. His goal is to become godlike with power, but Superman must stop him before that can happen.

Why does this book matter?

Writer Gene Luen Yang along with artist Howard Porter were more than capable of making a depowered Superman work. They also made the recent HORDR_Root story work as well and made a robot haunting and threatening so call me crazy when I want to see more of said robotic creature (or at least his sibling Puzzler) in this issue! (Oh yeah, and did I mention Superman gets his powers back in this issue?)

“Where is the ghost of Christmas past? He just left me here?!”

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Howard Porter’s fantastic art delights with this issue. Superman looks amazing in every panel, there are plenty of epic double page spreads, and the detail is jaw dropping good throughout. This is how a 50th issue should look! On top of that he juggles a new superhero team (that all look rather cool) and key flashbacks too. All in all, this is an issue where you can’t go wrong in the art department.

Meanwhile Yang doesn’t disappoint either. Essentially what we have here is a Scrooge sort of story as Savage takes Superman through alternate pasts and futures. He’s trying to show Superman – rather than tell him – why he should join his cause. Superman listens, and while a flashback with his Pa rings a similar message as one might expect Spider-Man to receive, it all rings true to the ears.

Oh shi…

The final pages of this issue also promise a new beginning for Superman which I imagine a lot of fans have been greatly anticipating for some while. Seeing Clark and Lois embrace is exciting and it’ll be fun to see how this relationship – with Clark’s identity known to the world – flourish. Essentially we are in good hands with Yang as he’s proven time and time again he can write well paced and exciting stories.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Ultimately the conclusion comes quickly considering the odds against Superman. It’s not necessarily wrong how Superman dream sequence and really didn’t matter – which I can understand – but really it’s about Superman coming to grips with who he is and using his head over his brawn.

Is It Good?

One of the better 50th issues from DC Comics this year. The art is spectacular and the conclusion satisfying in all its Christmas Carol similarities.


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