He’s got bad hair, is sensitive about his hand, and is a demon from Hell sent to destroy the Earth.

No not Donald Trump, it’s Hellboy and the BPRD 1953, number 2!

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953 – Beyond the Fences #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

"Heeeeere boy. Here boy....oh no."
“Heeeeere boy. Here boy….oh no.”

Our early ’50s monster of the week story continues, with missing dogs, missing children, and one pissed off monster Whippet. The B.R.P.D. are in sleepy California, investigating just where all the kids and pets are running off to, when they’re presented with the very toothy reason, and react as B.R.P.D.ers usually do:

Am I the only one who wants these beasts captured, studied, and maybe put in the BEST ZOO EVER?

Since this is a Hellboy story, bullets naturally don’t do much. This thing is out for blood, and also since it’s a Hellboy story, we need to see Red get knocked around a bit:

Obedience School Dropout!

Is It Good?

Well bless its little heart, yes!

The small town monster of the week story is progressing well, though there might actually be slightly too much action, and not enough plot development here for all.

The artwork and setting still are spot on – and are detailing just how dark the shades drawn over this sleep community are.

Also, the mystery as to what’s mutating the EvilWhippet of Doom got more sinister and creepy this week, amping up the stakes for the eventual reveal of the true enemy.

Just like the inspiration behind a lot of Mignola’s books, the HP Lovecraft-type occult horror, the best Hellboy stories do a multi-layered reveal. It’s a total trope, and it’s as expected as Hellboy cursing as he gets beat to crap, but it’s comfy.

Hell, if people can keep renewing and watching Big Bang Theory, I can take this formula, right?

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953 - Beyond the Fences #2 Review
Watching Hellboy punch Eisenhower's dream of America right in the mutated throat is awesomeLike issue #1 - the setting really does feel like Dennis the Menace hiding an infection
Heavy action issue, while enjoyable, feels a little slow.
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