Adam Jensen is undercover, outgunned, and trying to stop an all out humans vs. aug war. Can he do it, and is it good?

Deus Ex: The Children’s Crusade #2 (Titan Comics)

Issue 2 picks up right in the thick of the after-effects from issue 1, and its aug-as-a-bomb terror plot. Jensen’s strike team—anti-aug like your Grandma is a lil bit racist—are trying to pick up the pieces, deal with the loss of a team-mate, and are not interested in hearing Adam talk through his feelings for the poor kid who didn’t realize he was a weapon designed to kill.

This kind of tension builds the book’s overall suspense level. Feels like a pot about to boil over.

Mac here might be the most vocal of the team in his distrust for augs and Jensen, but you can tell the others are thinking it, and are just as uncomfortable with the role they’re playing as proxies in this war.

Shadowing our own world of sketchy cable journalism, we’re then introduced to this lovely character:

When I get angry, I get balder…you won’t like me balder.

Throwing a term like, “You’re a cancer that needs to be cut out,” into what you’d assume would be a journalists’ attempt to get more info from a source is a surefire way to shut down a conversation. This ominous half threat-type overtone throughout the book is brilliant, as it puts the reader into the half-acceptance world that Jensen has to live with. He’s trying to save people and do the right thing but his team, the world, and even the people he’s saving are all looking at his augments first, and his actions second.

Is It Good?

This series continues to impress. The sketchy artwork that I wasn’t a huge fan of in the first issue seems to be tighter here, or maybe I’m just more used to it. I think the writing is really the stand-out as it captures the feeling of isolation and implied violence in Jensen’s day to day world, and the state of the world itself: dirty, downtrodden, and with a serious divide between another group of humanity.

This could be a downtrodden city of today, if not for the subtle hint of mechanized badass police officer.

I’m very curious to see where the investigation leads, what kind of Chekov’s Gun this reporter turns out to be, and how Jensen will continue to walk the tightrope between his two worlds.

Deus Ex: The Children's Crusade #2 Review
Plot. Plot. Plot. Conspiracies, terror cells, journalists with a revenge fetish, and our hero killing assholes add up to a fantastic readThe tone is pure cyberpunk, and they're knocking it out of the park. This reads like a Sterling or Gibson short story
Artwork has grown on me, but still might not be for everyone due to sketch style.
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