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Panels in Poor Taste: 4/8/16 – Lois Lane Booty Poppin’ and Bleached Demon Butt

Week nine of PiPT is rife with DC Comic sexuality, gore and weirdness!

༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ What the F am I looking at? The best WTF of the week 😱

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1

Written by Grant Morrison | Art by Yanick Paquette
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Yes, Diana seeks a world of sadomasochism-starving-baby-bullet-to-the-head-crow-eyeball-eating-carrion livin’. That’s ‘Merica!

Dog: But at least she finally gets to wear PANTS! Sweet land of dungarees!

Nick: “And there’s a smell on you! A smell of something I remember…is Bath and Bodyworks restocking their Cucumber Melon body butter again?!”

Lisa: When did Wonder Woman start working on Trump’s campaign posters?

Man Vs. Rock: Walk around in my underwear and drink milk out of a cereal bowl? Seems like a pretty sweet life to me.

👙Let’s talk about sex…baby? Best sexytime of the week 🏩

Superman: Coming of the Supermen #3

Written and Drawn by Neal Adams
Publisher: DC Comics

Man Vs. Rock: “Louis, please have a seat… on my little man of steel.”

Dave: Lois Lane will now forever be added to the pantheon of fappable comic book females.

Nick: After pushing up the attic access door in my house, the first thing I do is splay a leg out and pop the booty. It’s instinctual.

Dog: What kind of video game asks you to stop stowaways? “Human Trafficking: Vice City”? “Lost in Space: The Prequel”?

Lisa: I should have known Superman was a sucker for hide n’ seek foreplay.

Best Comments from Reddit (r/dccomics):

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.04.48 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.19.03 AM

💉 Is that blood? The best gore of the week 💀

Swamp Thing #4

Written by Len Wein | Art by Kelley Jones
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: There are easier ways to find a wishbone!

Nick: Swamp Thing was doing that poor guy a favor. The red and pink gumballs filling his chest cavity were going to kill him much more slowly.

Dog: Now that there’s whatchoocall a bayou piñata, mmm-hmm.

Lisa: I think his decorator misunderstood when he said he wanted a fishnet theme.

Man Vs. Rock: There’s a reason Swamp Thing is my favorite masseuse… he always gives the best happy endings.

Grizzly Shark #1

Written and Art by Ryan Ottley
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The true origin of how Batman became an orphan DC doesn’t want you to know about!

Dog: Jaws couldn’t understand why Yogi had such a problem getting those pic-a-nic baskets.

Nick: …after that, the writers and producers of Saturday Night Live decided it was time for Chevy Chase to retire the Land Shark sketch for good.

Man Vs. Rock: I just wish that shark had gotten to the Duggar family sooner…

The Darkness: Hope #1

Written by Charlie Harmon | Art by Daniel Dwyer
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: I hate when I slip and fall onto my pie.

Dog: I hate gelatinous demonoids who block off 2nd Avenue at rush hour.

Nick: I hate getting impaled with a used spear. Have the decency to remove the last person’s face that you pierced before killing me.

Lisa: I hate when demons show off their bleached anus at the end of the street.

Man Vs. Rock: I hate Ted Cruz’s vision of what a gay dance club looks like.


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