Snakes are scary enough on their own, but now they’re also making Bernice’s neighbors go crazy. As if that weren’t bad enough, there’s another witch in the woods, too. This week, Bernice learns the story behind Lovey Belfont and the serpents of Harrow County.

Is it good?

Harrow County #11 (Dark Horse Comics)


The Plot

  • You know what’s worse than looking at a room full of captive snakes? Having a demon possessed possum standing right behind you.
  • You know what’s even worse than that? Running into an entire herd of demon possessed possums.
  • This Belfont lady doesn’t seem too terrible. In fact, she’s kind of badass.
  • Belfont might look angry while she’s handling snakes, but her work is pretty darn good.
  • Hey, you don’t have to tell me that snakes are evil. That being said, Belfont’s story about how they relate to the town’s history is all types of messed up.
  • …and Bernice just scored the world’s worst internship. Fortunately, she’s seems to be doing well.
  • Unfortunately, she forgot to tell everyone that the snake-collecting witch who lives in the woods is cool.

Is It Good?

One of the great things about Harrow County is that it can draw from both the past and present to create a good narrative. In just three pages, Cullen Bunn (writer) and Tyler Crook (artist) give us a rich and terrifying backstory that lends itself perfectly to the present story.

I do wish we’d had a little more action this issue, but Bernice has proven to be an excellent character to read. While Emmy has grown accustomed to the strangeness around her, Bernice is believably freaked out. She also still manages to keep her head. That combination of bravery, smarts, and fear make her a perfect candidate for the job Belfont needs her to complete.

Speaking of Belfont, I really like the way Bunn writes her. A person who spends their life collecting cursed snakes can be either good or bad, but they definitely need to have a certain temperament.


On the art side of things, Crook continues to make this one of the prettiest books on the shelves—even when he draws the snakes (who in real life are nothing but bitey, slithery jerks). His lush backgrounds and beautiful faces serve to make the scary stuff—like demon possessed possums—even more jarring when they appear.

I thought I would miss Emmy’s narrative after almost two issues away from her, but I now find myself excited to see what Bernice’s story will be. Let’s just hope she invests in a pair of gloves before snatching up any more serpents.

Harrow County #11 Review
Writer Cullen Bunn gives us a fresh perspective on Harrow County via a great character in Bernice.Lovey Belfont's story provides a rich and terrifying backstory to the present narrative.Tyler Crook's art continues to be simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.
The atmosphere is great, but the issue is light on action.
8Overall Score
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