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Darth Vader #19 Review

The climactic issue is here as Darth Vader must subdue some powerful ore barons. Will he succeed? Is it good?

Darth Vader #19 (Marvel Comics)

As Marvel puts it:

The Shu-Torun War concludes! Will Vader bring the Ore Barons in line? Or will Cylo and his warriors show the Dark Lord how it’s done?

Why does this book matter?

Without question, the best aspect of the new Marvel Star Wars comics is Beetee and 0-0-0. They are evil robots who looks similar to C-3PO and R2-D2, but are much more hilarious in their desire to kill and maim. Kieron Gillen has written them quite well and they’ve nearly always been a highlight in every issue. They get some major scene-stealing moments in this issue, let me tell you!

Don’t ever change Beetee!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue has an all-out war taking place, a Darth Vader lightsaber battle, and as stated above some excellent moments with our evil droids. Something is going on with them as they seem to be getting looser and looser with their desires to drain the blood from their enemies. They’re getting creepier too and it’s hilarious to see them interact with characters as they’re quite mad.

Darth Vader continues to get some scene-stealing bits of dialogue, as he continues to show us how much of a badass he is. The crown jewel of this story arc is the development of Queen Trios who will assuredly pop up in future issues. She’s come off as strong and just as conniving as the Sith and now that she’s encountered Darth Vader in person it’s clear she’s going to prepare herself for a fight down the road.

The issue also wraps things up adequately with a major cliffhanger harkening back to a character we haven’t seen in a few issues. Gillen has wrapped things up with a bow and will make you want the next issue.

The art by Salvador Larroca comes off as clear and effective, especially in the lightsaber battle. There weren’t any awkwardly drawn Stormtroopers like in the last issue and overall the environments are detailed enough.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The conclusion does wrap up almost too nicely though. It’s as if Darth Vader has no trouble at all when in the last issue there was somewhat of a threat. That makes the read not quite as compelling as it could have been. It’s not boring, but it’s certainly not ramping up the drama either.

Dope composition!

Is It Good?

A solid conclusion with everything wrapping up nicely and a cliffhanger that will put Darth Vader back into the fire and at risk now that he’s finally acquired the emperor’s favor.


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