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Panels in Poor Taste: 4/22/2016 – Little Purple Heads and Poison Ivy Cleavage

Scroll down to see the worm man, side boob, and much much more debauchery from many publishers including Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics!

༽つ۞﹏۞༼つ What the F am I looking at? The best WTF of the week 😱

Hyperion #2

Written by Chuck Wendig | Art by Nik Virella
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: I don’t know; Tree Face Tendril Man seems like a natural for the carnival freak show.

Man vs Rock: Everyone knows that Aunt Flo always ruins the dunk tank at the carnival …

Dog: Oh calm down, this happens every time it rains.

Dave: Worm man wanted to help, but stuffing orifices was just not a hot commodity in the hero business.

Man vs Rock: Remember folks, when you don’t use Prego® Pasta Sauce, your whole family suffers. Choose Taste. Choose Prego.

Nick: *puts down fork into plate of spaghetti brought to work for lunch* *sighs*

Divinity II #1

Written by Matt Kindt | Art by Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Dave: Meth. Not even once.

Man vs Rock: Cue Barry White. That purple bud is gonna find a new flower to call home…

Nick: Missed a perfect opportunity to hit back with “Chicken Butt.”

Dog: “What?” is actually mauve tulip person for, “OH MY F-----G CHRIST WHY DID YOU RIP MY TORSO OFF OW OW OW S--T!”

👙Let’s talk about sex…baby? Best sexytime of the week 🏩

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life #4

Written by Amy Chu | Art by Robson Rocha
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Poison Ivy has side boob so epic it’s actually full boob!

Dog: I couldn’t see past her varicose stems.

Man vs Rock: Don’t look at it! Don’t you dare look at his 80’s mohawk! Remember folks, cosplay is not consent…

Nick: Cut Poison Ivy dialogue: “That’s what she said.”

Best Comments from Reddit (r/DCcomics):
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.40.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.41.33 PM

💉 Is that blood? The best gore of the week 💀

Bloodshot Reborn #12

Written by Jeff Lemire| Art by Lewis LaRosa
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Dave: Stress dolls are getting way more realistic!

Man vs Rock: Okay, fine! Maybe I should start looking for chiropractors that don’t live in dumpsters…

Dog: But that’s where most of their training comes from!

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #4

Written by Gail Simone | Art by J. Calafiore
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dog: “I mean, does nobody in this town curb their serial killers?!”

Dave: The foldable man was a huge hit with the kids. Well until the knee bone split from his flesh. Then it was frightening.

Nick: That’s when Ethan decided that hot yoga just wasn’t for him.

Man vs Rock: I stepped right in her guts… as I gently dipped my testicles into her open mouth…

Ewwww? The best gross panel of the week 💀

Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo #1

Written by John Layman | Art by Rob Guillory
Publisher: Image Comics

Dog: Looks like algae got into the pressure washer.

Dave: “Hark, the apocalypse will bring bees, the undead will rise, and fountains of puke will be ridden. Yes surfboards should be acquired!”

Nick: We need an old priest, a young priest, and a whole lot of wet wipes.


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