“Rising Action” continues to roar along, as the renegade gods formulate a plan and a battle breaks out in the Underground. Is it good?

The Wicked + The Divine #19 (Image Comics)

Ananke discovers that Minerva has gone missing while Bathomet brings Dionysus to the Underground. Persephone admits that she is the antichrist Ananke has been warning about, and Anake herself twists the remaining gods into helping her retake Minerva, all the while keeping the real reason she needs her back to herself. As the battle rages, we see a new, terrifying side of the Morrigan:

Ananke’s side succeeds in taking Minvera, but not her owl, full of secrets that Ananke definitely does not want know.

Is It Good?

The solicitation says it all:

‘RISING ACTION,’ Part Two Gods of the Underworld, in the Underworld. Perfectly safe now. Definitely. Stuff definitely doesn’t explode. That doesn’t happen.

Uh huh. Totally trustworthy, Gillen.

In stark contrast to “Commercial Suicide,” “Rising Action” is living up to its name, giving not only massive amounts of action in each issue, but also dropping far more information. In this issue, we learn that Persephone is the antichrist from Ananke’s prediction and why Ananke wants Minvera back so desperately.

But we get more than just plot developments; characters reveal parts of themselves we haven’t yet seen. Minerva is becoming the focus of the story and with that, so does her character. Her desperation to keep her parents safe, in spite of their blatant disregard for her as anything but a meal ticket is absolutely heartbreaking. And despite her intelligence, she’s still a child, getting excited over her research and being dragged around by whichever side has her.

After the heaviness and intensity of “Commercial Suicide”, the guys seem to be having a lot more fun, letting loose on each panel. Sakhmet’s attack sequence might be some of my favorite art McKelvie has done yet in the series, perfectly enhanced by Matt’s stunning colors:

I know this is going to all end in tears, but man am I enjoying the journey.

The Wicked + The Divine #19 Review
Rip-roaring action and plot advancement? Yes pleaseSome of the best art of the series, highlighted by stunning colorsThe guys are having fun and it shows
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