Welcome back to the post-apocalyptic world of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional delinquent with a TANK. Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank was picked up by Titan after a Kickstarter campaign that took place last year. Alan Martin, series creator, joins artist Brett Parson to bring this high-energy world of chaos to life. If you ever wondered what the world would be like with two Tank Girls, here’s your answer.

Is it good?

Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank #1 (Titan Comics)


The story is a recovery mission. Tank Girl, Booga and Barney have to get the tank back. The script is written beautifully—or as beautifully as a profanity laced dialogue can be, anyway. Definitely mature audiences only. It’s extremely entertaining and doesn’t take anything away from the artistic side of the book. The narration helps set up the plot but isn’t invasive; most of what you need to know comes from dialogue.

The art. Wow. Brett Parson has done a phenomenal job bringing this world to life. It’s bright, vibrant, a bit dirty (necessarily so), but just all in all amazing. The Tank is probably my favorite visual. From the first time you see it until the last, it’s spectacular—just a pile of insane metal bits ready for anything.


Is It Good?

The mom in me was taken aback a bit by the language (thanks Captain America…), but because it’s Tank Girl, what else do you expect? It fits. Just maybe not for the younger crowd. For us ‘mature’ readers, however, it’s a real #$%&ing treat.

Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank #1 Review
The artwork is worth the purchase alone.The story is exciting and fun -- a great read.Tanks! Duh!
The language is rough.Not for younger readers.
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