Get ready for a wild ride into the strange. Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas, along with a fantastic crew of artists, bring some crazy worlds to life in this issue. Insane epidemics, a visit with Santa Claus, and one heck of a weird story. Is it good?

Amazing Forest #6 (IDW Publishing)

Not having read any of the previous Amazing Forest issues, I was completely unprepared for the insanity that was within its pages. This particular issue includes four stories that don’t have a connection to each other, but all hold their own as independent works. As crazy as the stories are, they are put together exceptionally well. The narrative follows the main character’s thoughts and actions, occasionally aided by his interaction with the world around him.

The art that goes along with each story is very different, but still manages to fit the story. It has a vibrant aesthetic that grabs your attention for each layer. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. Some of the characters and settings we see are pure nightmare fuel.

The issue is also for mature readers only (which means Nick Nafpliotis can’t be anywhere near it). It also means that the issue has quite a bit of gore and deals with some pretty heavy stuff. It’s both hilarious and gruesome. You’ll never look at a cat the same way again–not really trusting mine right now.

Is It Good?

I’ll admit that it was initially a bit difficult getting into the four different stories. In fact, I didn’t realize it was a compilation (and not a continuous story) until I read the first few pages at first. Someone new to the works may get a bit confused. If you’re looking for a terrifically twisted anthology, however, then a trip into Amazing Forest #6 is highly recommended.

Amazing Forest #6 Review
Great, interesting storiesEntertaining artGives you something to think about
Gore. Not always a con, but not for the younger crowdFour stories in one--get ready to change ideas
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