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Dark Souls #2 Review

Issue 2 of Dark Souls picks up right where we left our Knight and Scryer, dagger obtained, and mystery deepening…but is it any good?

Dark Souls #2 (Titan Comics)

Oh hell yeah, Lion Knights!

The plot is pure bleak Dark Souls to the core. Our heroes are tracking down relics, torn from a slain dragon years ago, and the bringing together of these pieces, along with a potentially dangerous ritual that can resurrect the dragon and stop the plague that is infesting these lands and the village of Harrowmark.

Remember Fira’s seemingly undead family? She’s got quite an incentive here.

The problem? The people who have the relics are not too keen on letting them go. We saw in issue one the fight to the death over the dagger, and we start issue two on the trail of the second relic, this time a sword hewn from a dragon’s bone and in possession of the Everlord.

Note: This is the Everlord. He’s a big large.

Is It Good?

It’s quite a ride. This issue has massive battles, a backstory so dark and hopeless it lives up to the game in very surprising ways, and a twist that should fit in perfectly with the universe these characters inhabit.

Also, it’s got really big spiders. I HATE spiders.

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

It’s still right in the mix of the slow unfolding backstory, and the quest to find relics is very well presented and paced. Combine that with the great artwork, and the ongoing mood of “no happy endings” and this is a great companion piece.

I am curious as to how others feel about the ending, and about what that might mean for the rest of the series. If you’re reading along, drop me some comments below. Dark Souls nerds unite, and all that.


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