Last week, Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1 kicked things off with a lot of convoluted exposition accompanied by an intriguing premise. This week, we finally get things rolling.

Is it good?

TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #2 (IDW Publishing)



  • Seriously, more time travel discussion?
  • I’d pay to see the Bebop and Rocksteady Reunion Band.
  • tmnt-bebop-rocksteady-destroy-everything-2-band

  • Hey look, it’s the Cretaceous-era Utroms.
  • Much as I don’t like Renet, I do like her explanation of alternate dimensions.
  • Bebop and Rocksteady arguing with a lawyer. This is what it’s come to.
  • Ugh. A car just exploded and I don’t even care.

Is It Good?

Just when you thought the clunky set up was out of the way, Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything #2 wallops us with another heaping helping of time paradox prattering.

Look, I love a good time travel story as much as anyone, but this is ridiculous. Even a serious take on the subject wouldn’t spend this much time halting the narrative to discuss it. And when you try to blend that with in the silly tone of a Bebop and Rocksteady (and Renet) story, it becomes downright excruciating to read. Even the comedy starts to stall— like when the future and past versions of Bebop/Rocksteady argue for two pages about whether they should still be friends or not.


On the plus side, there’s a really cool splash page showing the actual act of time/dimensional travel along with some great dialogue between the Turtles. We also get a very brief return of Pepperoni, the most adorable baby dinosaur ever. The multiple artists on this issue all do a fantastic job, although having so many hands drawing such an uneven story doesn’t help things

But aside from that, I’m not sure how much more I can take. For a series that’s supposed to be fun, Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything has become a chore to read. Maybe things will finally right themselves with issue #3. Otherwise, I might need to build my own time machine and travel back a few weeks to remove this one from my pull list.

TMNT: Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything #2 Review
Great work by all the artists (although having so many hands drawing such an uneven story don't do the issue any favors).PEPPERONI!
If you thought the clunky time travel paradox discussions were over, think again.You know things are getting dull when two versions of Bebop and Rocksteady can discuss things calmly for multiple pages.
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