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The Flash: Rebirth #1 Review

Bolting back into the scene, The Flash: Rebirth #1 reintroduces Barry Allen to the masses directly after the events in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Josh Wiliamson and Carmine Di Giandormencio bring this hero back with a fantastic story and classic artwork. The legacy continues as Barry deals with the aftermath of Zoom and the reintroduction of an old friend.

Is it good?

The Flash: Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)

Since I have not yet read DC Universe: Rebirth #1, this is only based on my take of DC’s soft reboot of Flash himself. The story follows the aftermath of Zoom’s involvement in Barry’s life. The narrative does a great job of reviewing who The Flash is and how he became who he is now. It definitely helps anyone who may have missed the last few seasons of the CW show (which all of you should be watching because it’s awesome).

Is It Good?

That being said, if you have seen the show, the story doesn’t follow the series too closely. There are, however, a few points you can pick out that seem to reference it. It’s a very fast paced (pun totally intended) tale with plenty of twist and turns.

The art is electric. It has great lines with vibrant colors that really bring the hero back to life.

If you want more backstory before this one begins you’re going to need to read DC Universe: Rebirth first. There are a few plot holes I didn’t quite understand and that’s most likely the reason why. And as good as the artwork is, some of the panels are a tad cluttered. It makes the story seem really intense but read it a few times to make sure you caught everything.


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