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Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank #2 Review

Welcome back to the post-apocalyptic daydream in which our hyped up hero, Tank Girl, reclaims her throne. Writer Alan C. Martin and artist Brett Parson return with a Pa-Pow, unravelling the story of our mysterious Tank Girl double and bringing some new, fabulous characters to the scene. Is it good?

Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank #2 (Titan Comics)

Picking back up from the realization that there is ANOTHER Tank Girl in the world we meet our friends after a great visit through the previous story. Building off a fantastic fight scene to get things going, you realize the police have no idea what’s coming. Watching the two girls interact is really interesting–you get the feeling something else is happening in the story between them. The dialogue is exquisitely raunchy and is really well arranged to help move the story along. Barney is my new favorite badass; her angst is brought more to the foreground in this issue and she takes off running–and shooting, and hitting–you get the idea. The graphic nature of the art displays the insanity in the universe. It’s also great seeing the little details in each frame–a bandage here, a zipper there–there’s a lot of time spent to make sure each item has its own soul.

And oh, the vulgarity! It’s great but definitely for MATURE readers only. I noticed that not all the characters cuss which caused a bit of a giggle out of me. The backstory with one of the main characters is pretty mysterious. I can’t decide if it’s some sort of flashback or something they’re making up to deceive the rest of the group. It doesn’t take too much away from the genuine entertainment of the story, just a little twist to make you think.


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