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Swamp Thing #6 Review

Swamp Thing has taken over the world, and there’s only one man who can stop him…Swamp Thing?! Well sort of, as Alec Holland had his powers ripped away from him willingly, only to find out the man who took them was insane. Now it’s time to lay down some supernatural beatdowns, but is it good?

Swamp Thing #6 (DC Comics)

The official DC synopsis reads:

The stunning conclusion to Len Wein and Kelley Jones’ smash-hit miniseries! The fate of his home hinges on Alec Holland and his allies as shocking information is revealed about his friend-turned-foe Matt Cable.

Why does this book matter?

Kelley Jones is firing on all cylinders with this series. Literally every panel is oozing with creepy goodness even when characters aren’t doing much. Writer Len Wein clearly understands the character–he’s been writing him from way back, and this series feels as though it’s digging deep into the Swamp Thing mythos.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

We open on…

This issue boils down to a classic style read with Swamp Thing teaming up with the supernatural heroes of the DCU. Oh, and it features some really good, jaw-dropping art. The art is so damn moody and atmospheric I’m not sure anyone can pick this up and not be a little bit creeped out. Jones once again does some amazing things with the art, from the muscular look to the Green, to some horrific facial expressions too. There’s one splash page here of Swamp Thing that’s just of his face and it’s truly frightening. It’s so damn weird you could cut this page out and use it for your Halloween mask. Who would have thought throwing some jacked up teeth and creepy loose thin hair on Swamp Thing would make him even more disturbing. Well Jones did it!

Wein manages to make this teamup fun, but also make some sense too. Alec must stop Swamp Thing by–we all saw this coming–taking the powers back, and he must use magic to do so. The explanation for why Swamp Thing’s friend is using the power to take over the world is rather satisfying and it’s a nice surprise you won’t see coming.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Like a good old school comic this issue has its moments that feel a bit hokey, like characters saying what they’re going to do, or cutting to A.R.G.U.S. members reflecting and making rather obvious points. On top of that the comic sort of resets by the end, leaving us exactly where we started, but again this is how classic comic books always read and for the most part this is for that type of reader.

I see plastic surgery in your future!

Is It Good?

A satisfying conclusion to a series that has managed to remind us Swamp Thing is best when the supernatural elements of the DCU are involved. You really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to look at the gorgeous art either. There is one jaw-droppingly disturbing panel after another that horror fans shouldn’t miss. If you’re at all interested in the macabre, supernatural elements of the DCU, or just really great art don’t pass this up!


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