Dan Jurgens was writing Superman back when there were clones, cyborgs and dead versions of him flying around (literally!). So it’s not all that surprising that there appears to be three versions of Supes in this new series (counting Lex of course). It certainly brings a 90s feel, but is it good?

Action Comics #958 (DCComics)

So what’s it about? The official DC synopsis reads:

Luthor and Superman must put aside their differences and face the common threat of Doomsday, as Jimmy Olsen and the Planet staff try to uncover the truth: who is the man claiming to be Clark Kent?

Why does this book matter?

Superman is dead, Lex Luthor harbors a super suit with an S on the chest, and Clark Kent is reporting as if he was never Superman! Call me crazy but there are so many questions that need to be answered, and so many new character dynamics in play, I need to see what happens next!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The story so far…

This issue feel so big and that all starts with the art by Patrick Zircher. There are in-your-face full and double page spreads reminiscent of the classic bombastic style of Neal Adams, but rendered in incredible detail with strong moody inks to go with it. Doomsday is knocking Superman into next Tuesday and you can feel every brutal punch. Superman wants to just save people, but Lex and his ego are also present and Zircher does a great prob capturing that via facial expressions and body language. On top of that there are quite a few balls to juggle and it never gets confusing or hard to follow. Clark is in the ground, Lex and Supes in the air and Jimmy is right there capturing it all. I was shocked at times to see Zircher pull this complicated sequence together.

Which is what this issue really is: an action sequence. It’s Doomsday vs. everybody else from beginning to end. It’s not quite that simple though, as Jurgens adds in the confusion of multiple Clarks, cut-aways to Lois and Superman’s son, and the whole Lex ego stuff too. It adds up to a lot of elements bouncing off each other which makes for prime drama. Answers aren’t being supplied yet, but all these first impressions are impressive to watch. Plus there’s the added bonus of a Mr. Oz appearance!

It can’t be perfect can it?

One might argue there aren’t enough answers, but really this is just one action sequence and the questions can wait another day!

Heart attack man!

Is It Good?

This is just solid superhero comics from the melodrama of the multiple Supermen to the bombastic actions. This brings me back to the 90s and I love it!

Action Comics #958 Review
Bombastic in your face actionA lot of balls in the air that are balanced beautifully with a good pace and a never confusing storyBringing back the 90s vibes with a facelift
Ultimately this issue is a brief moment in time, but it cuts between so many stories it's hard to fault that
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