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Wonder Woman #1 Review

In the second part of the Rebirth of Wonder Woman, Diana continues to search for the truth of her past while events in the present start to foment trouble. Is it good?

Wonder Woman #1 (DC Comics)

The story picks up with Diana searching the Banake Rainforest for someone she believes can give her answers, but instead sends horrific monsters to impede her. Meanwhile, Diana’s eternal love interest Steve Trevor is on a mission hunting a native warlord, Cadulo, who has kidnapped all the girls of the village. Could these events be connected?

Is It Good?

Reboots are always tricky and seldom live up to the hype that surrounds them; combine that with the fact that Wonder Woman always seems to be a tricky character to get right and you’ve got yourself a pickle. I was excited to try this book, and although let down by DC Universe: Rebirth #1, was interested enough to see where Rucka is taking the book.

There is definitely much more plot in this issue, and I enjoyed the story switching between Diana heading out solo, and Steve and Etta’s team on the other hand. A larger plot arc is shaping up overall and I like where the story is going.

Aaaaaand, now the things I wasn’t a huge fan of. While overall the writing was strong, there were times when the dialogue felt stiff and a little awkward. But my biggest complaint is the art. I will fully admit right up front that this is just not my style, but despite that the style just felt inconsistent. There are gorgeous panels like this:

And then there are awkward faces that throw things off. There are several shots where Wonder Woman looks like she stepped out of an 80s perfume ad, and Etta’s look is weirdly late 80s as well.

The colors don’t help the book’s heaviness. While again, there are many gorgeous panels where the colors pop or give the scenes depth, there is a very dark tone overall, and the browns in the jungle scenes make a lot of these panels muddy. Again, this is not my style and I’ve seen lots of praise for the art in issue 1, so this may just be a personal preference.

Diana, put down the blusher.

The surprise appearance at the end of the issue does get me excited for what’s coming up, so hopefully the story will give me extra excitement for what the art is lacking for my tastes.


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