Focusing mainly on the Dracula story line, Penny Dreadful #2 continues the journey of Vanessa and Sir Malcolm trying to find the truth to Mina’s disappearance. Andrew Hinderaker take the lead with the story telling alongside the artistic talent of Louie De Martinis. New characters and new revelations work to push the story along. It will be interesting to see how the series will continue tying in with the on screen version no longer able to guide these stories.

Titan has a great opportunity to continue a fantastic idea. Is it good?

Penny Dreadful #2 (Titan Comics)

The issue contains a large chunk of backstory that wasn’t previously released in the series. Hinderaker is giving an insight into Mina’s disappearance from Jonathan Harker’s perspective, alongside of Sir Malcolm’s complete disapproval. The dynamic between them is written very well and displays the frustration of each of their situations. Vanessa begins to use her gifts to help assist their situation which will definitely open up some great storylines in the future. The writing is done really well and easy to follow. Overall the artwork works great with the story–it’s got a lot of watercolor effects. Most of the character art is sketch work, the flashback portions look amazing with this style and give a haze to each panel. The backgrounds work really well to set up locations for each section.

I’m still not a big fan of the art as a total package; I liked a lot of the effects but the character sketching seems like it could have been a little more defined in places. There are a few places where many of them look noseless–how do they smell the danger?! The style seems a bit lackluster for the storyline. The SFX are still really blunt, and sticks out but in an obvious and distracting way.

Is It Good?

If the series was something you were following, this will be a great addition but I think they can do a lot more with the stories.

Penny Dreadful #2 Review
Great writingInvolved character development​​Entertaining backstory
Lackluster artDistracting effects
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