Move over Independence Day: Resurgence — there’s another mass destruction story that may just put you to shame. It’s called One Punch man and instead of lasers it’s a simple right hook that destroys massive space ships!

One Punch Man Vol 7 (Viz Media)

The official Viz Media synopsis reads:

Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem-he just can’t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on! When aliens invade Earth, a group of Class-S heroes finally finds a way to fight back and go on the offensive. Inside the enemy mother ship, Saitama fights Boros. Faced with the alien’s frightful power, he decides to get serious! What is the Earth’s fate?!

Why does this book matter?

This is the continued story from the last volume, where all the Earth’s heroes have been attacked directly at their home base. Now they’re taking the fight back to an alien spaceship that just destroyed the entire city around their base; considering this is an end of the world threat it’s going to be a big deal when/if our heroes defeat the aliens in this volume.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

There’s basically two threats in this volume both of which are very different. The first is a shape shifting, many headed alien that a bunch of the heroes are taking on directly on the ground. The other is the leader of all the aliens who are inside a massive city sized spaceship above who’s nearly indestructible. It’s One Punch Man who’s inside the spaceship attempting to dismantle as much as he can – with as little gusto as possible – so he can make the threat stop it already. This gives artist Yusuke Murata plenty of opportunities to show off some double paged fight moves and there are a lot of them here.

Feel the sound effects!

This volume can be boiled down to the two enemies fighting the heroes, the fallout of the defeat of the aliens, and finally a short about One Punch Man helping the police look like heroes in the public eye. Along the way there is the now customary jealous heroes angry at One Punch Man for getting all the credit, and the introduction of a new robot threat sure to be a big player as the series carries forward. This is well-crafted, action first, page turning manga goodness pure and simple.

Writer One has done a good job proving once again One Punch Man’s greatest ability is really not caring all that much. He continues to vanquish, kick ass, and prove as long as you’re humble you’re a real hero. The fact that it all ends with plot progression in regards to a mysterious robot hero is icing on the cake.

It can’t be perfect can it?

If you’re looking for something deeper this isn’t it as much of this volume is all action.

Now that’s baller.

Is It Good?

Action packed and well worth the price due to it being an addictive read. There are summer movie blockbusters, and then there’s One Punch Man!

One Punch Man Vol. 7 Review
The art is fantastic with plenty of double page spreadsA lot of heroics in this one and a nice plot progressing new villain emerges Another somewhat touching short at the end
Not as funny or substantive character development wise in this volume
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