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Green Lanterns #2 Review

Earth is now being protected by two Green Lanterns, but unfortunately for us that doesn’t mean that together they’re twice as good as one Hal Jordan. That’s also been a big part of the fun to this series so far. Can the latest issue continue the fun?

Green Lanterns #2 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The official DC Comics synopsis reads:

“RAGE PLANET” Chapter Two: In issue #2, the world descends into rage! Crowds are rioting while Simon and Jessica find themselves powerless to stop the carnage. With their backs against the wall and no other options available, Earth’s rookie Green Lanterns take the fight to the Red Lanterns’ Bleez.

Why does this book matter?

Sam Humphries has got himself a pretty cool buddy cop sort of premise going with this series and each of the Lanterns is quite unique. That makes for a compelling dynamic between them. Meanwhile the Red Lanterns are planning something huge for Earth and it’s a bloody unfun plan that’s quite evil.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Humphries delves even deeper into the characters this issue and Jessica in particular gets some quality flashbacks and moments to express her doubts of being a hero. The last issue of Green Lanterns ended with Jessica being inundated by people possessed with energy from the Red Lanterns that had driven them into a rage. One of those people was Jessica’s sister, so her main goal is to save her here — even if the entire world is at threat. Humphries does well in these scenes to remind us of Jessica’s doubts, issues with anxiety, and guilt from not helping her sister in the past.

Simon gets some nice character work too, which is delivered via his attempt to get Jessica on task of stopping the Red Lantern threat. He’s cocky, bullheaded, and mostly loving his job which in a lot of ways is the exact opposite of Jessica. You can tell he doesn’t think what he does completely through before he does it, and it’ll be fun to see how that changes as these two continue to work together.

Cool light show Jessica!

The issue is bookended with the Red Lantern threat – seeing them in their home world skulking and planning, and finally what they’ve done after all the planning. It’s a nice way to remind us the Red Lanterns are calling the shots. It’s also a nice reminder they’re evil looking as hell, super villain quality bad guys, and a handful for our new Lanterns to take on. At the same time there are nice humorous moments throughout the issue too. Combining the scary threat with humor is summer movie blockbuster 101, and Humphries shows us he has the chops to really entertain no matter the substance of a scene.

The art by Robson Rocha is as detailed as ever, and quite inventive when it comes to the Red Lantern monsters. Inker Jay Leisten does well to never over do it with inks, but infuse each scene with depth which suits the thinner line of Rocha. Most importantly, Rocha does a fantastic job animating Jessica and her sister in a touching flashback. The scene requires Jessica to feel doubt, excitement, embarrassment, and fear of the Green Lantern powers, but her sister is there to support her and remind her this is a great gift.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It seems Humphries is going to possibly focus on Simon and then Jessica mostly exclusively each issue as Simon takes a back seat for Jessica to shine here. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Simon is definitely missed in this issue. Now that introductions are in order maybe there will be a balance, but either way it’s a minor issue considering how this issue is quite entertaining.

So, is he killing them?

Is It Good?

This series reminds us in most cases two is better than one. The Green Lantern duo offers a compelling character back and forth combination that anyone interested in psychological thrillers should dig.


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