In the city of Townville live three adorable superheroes and IDW has brought them into the printed world. With the talents of writers Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman the sweet and sassy sisters have to save the world from another foe, and yeah it’s Mojo Jojo-Duh! The universe is brought to life by Derek Charm’s artwork. The girls are just as badass as ever! If you’re my age it definitely helps you relive those Saturdays you spent binge watching Cartoon Network, but is it good?

Powerpuff Girls #1 (IDW Publishing)

Adorable! The whole issue is just that. I found myself reading each character with their cartoon voice, and it was awesome. Mancini and Goldman really captured the personalities of the girls, giving them each a little quip here and there to add to the overall effect. The writing is really easy; younger kids will really be able to follow the stories and the dialogue is easy to follow–very much focused on a younger audience.

You definitely get what you expect when it comes to the art. Charm has done a great job with each character. They look the way you remember and are very bright and vibrant. The background and extra highlights are great–the girl’s flight streaks that follow them even have their own personalities, AND Bubbles gets bubbles! I try my hardest to be an adult but between this and Pokémon Go this week I’m not doing a great job.

Don’t expect an in-depth story line. It’s a kid’s book—ake it for what it is. Some of the panels lose some line clarity; I’m not sure if that’s just my copy or if it will look that way printed.

Is It Good?

This would be a great series to start young readers. They didn’t really gear the story toward girls or boys, it should be a fun read for anyone and if you really enjoyed the cartoon before it’s a fun easy book you can even read with your kids.

Powerpuff Girls #1 Review
Easy readFocused on young readersJust adorably kickass
Simple storylineLine issues in some panels
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