Probably the biggest surprise of 2015 was how good Legends of Tomorrow has been. Slapping together four stories, 20 pages long apiece (with an $8 price tag mind you) may not have worked given the popularity of each of these series. Together they are stronger, but how is issue #5? Is it good?

Legends of Tomorrow #5 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The official DC synopsis reads:

METAMORPHO-Metamorpho and the people of Dagon Ra have finally obtained the Orb of Ra just in time for Kanjar Ro and his space pirates to arrive to take it. Will Metamorpho be able to defend the people of Dagon Ra and the Orb from Kanjar Ro’s wrath, or will they succumb to it?

FIRESTORM-Multiple Multiplexes! As the Quantum Field generator begins collapsing our reality and strengthening Multiplex duplication, Multiplex is unsure which version of himself manifests the real Danton Black. We’ll need Professor Stein, Ronnie and Jason to team up as Firestorm for this one!

SUGAR & SPIKE-Sugar & Spike’s lives weren’t always so full of sleazy super-heroic stake-outs. Discover the case that started it all and endeared our heroes to the superhero community—it’s the secret origin of Sugar & Spike!

METAL MEN-The government has unleashed its ultimate plan to get the Metal Men back—a twisted team of Metal Men bent on bringing our heroes in. Meanwhile, a looming threat waits in the shadows.

Why does this book matter?

If I’d have my way Sugar & Spike would get its own series, Metal Men would bring in more DC superhero cameos, and Metamorpho would hurry up with this plot! So far I’ve been enjoying elements of every series, or the entirety of some because it brings back that old school comic book feel. One of the joys of this series is the thickness, as each volume offers a lot of reading for only eight bucks.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Gotta love that detail!

The best story in this issue is, surprise surprise, Sugar & Spike. It’s a real treat for those who have been reading along the whole time as we get to see their first superhero job. Well, sort of, since the job wasn’t involving superheroes but ended up going in that direction. Keith Giffen writes solid dialogue throughout this tale, opening with Spike and the tech wiz who makes their darts. This story does a great job highlighting the possible romantic leanings of the characters (subtle of course), but also why they continue to do the detective work they do. The art by Bilquis Evely continues to be incredible too. There’s nothing else like it on the stands today.

The Metal Men story written by Len Wein continues to be great fun. This installment is basically an excuse to see the Metal Men fight their doppelgängers, which allows Yildiray Cinar to pencil the hell out of their battles. It’s a lot of fun and reminds you of the time heroes fought and it was fun to watch (and they were having fun doing it too!). A new villain pops up too and he looks fantastic. All around a fun segment of the comic.

The Metamorpho story progresses things just enough and looks great with pencils and story by Aaron Lopresti. Livesay’s inks give it a more modern feel that suits the fantasy meets superhero vibes…

It can’t be perfect can it?

…But, again, Metamorpho isn’t progressing quickly at all. The big reveal of the last issue is explained to some extent, but it’s as we might have expected. This story isn’t offering quite enough bang for your buck, but it still looks nice so there’s that.

The Firestorm portion continues to be a slow read that continues to not capture the characters very well. They read like they are cliches of kids and it just feels false. The cliffhanger has piqued my interest, but beyond that this story was skippable at best.

It’s on now!

Is It Good?

Three out of four good stories in another volume. Is it just me, or is Sugar & Spike so good it’s worth buying this every time?

Legends of Tomorrow #5 Review
Another great Sugar & Spike story!The Metal Men story offers some old-fashioned superhero action
The Firestorm story just falls flatThe Metamorpho story doesn't do enough to progress the plot
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