Faith is back in a new ongoing series, and realizing that being a solo superhero is tougher than it looks. Is it good?

Faith #1 (Valiant Entertainment)

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(There were so many fantastic covers for this issue, it was hard to pick the one to feature!)

The new #1 picks up after the events of the mini-series, with Faith realizing that even though she defended LA against a major villain and established her solo superhero and non-superhero life, things aren’t necessarily going to be smooth sailing. Her coworkers that know her secret all want something from her, the police are condescending about her recent attempts to stop crime, and X is jealous after movie star Chris Chriswell wants to meet and do a photoshoot with her. At least meeting the movie star man of her dreams will turn out well, right?

Is It Good?

After the awesome success of her solo mini-series, the Faith team keeps up the good work with an issue that perfectly picks up where things left off, but is very welcoming to new readers who heard about Faith but missed the mini-series. Faith is still struggling to balance her work and superheroing, and Houser does an excellent job of showing new challenges for Faith and the results of her actions. She’s still full of nerd-culture references and easy excitement about the world, but things are starting to weigh on her, and it’s interesting seeing her struggle. My one nit-pick would be that sometimes the references feel a bit forced, but mostly they work well.

New artist Pere Perez beautifully picks up the art duties, keeping the look and feel that Francis Portela established and adding his own sensibilities. I especially liked how he draws Faith’s companion field:

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Andrew Dalhouse’s colors help the issue pop; I love where he threw in bright elements, and the tones of his backgrounds worked beautifully with the subject of each scene. I was incredibly happy to see Marguerite Sauvage is back with her fantasy sequences, which are always a highlight of the issues, especially when Faith is daydreaming about Chris Chriswell.

I’m so happy this book is back. Faith became a must-read book for me during the mini-series and I’m looking forward to a long adventure with her.

Faith #1 Review
One of my favorite superheroines is back for more adventures, with an excellent new story from Jody HouserExcellent new artist and colorist, picking up perfectly from the previous teamMarguerite Sauvage's art gives me life
Occasionally the pop culture references feel a tiny bit forced
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