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Joyride #4 Review

More secrets are revealed and the past catches up with our kids. Is it good?

Joyride #4 (BOOM! Studios)


Ooma is struggling with Catrin’s revelation that she is the daughter of Cosanova, when Dewydd adds on with a revelation of his own: he could have destroyed the gun he helped man, but he would have died in the process. Instead, he saved it and they destroyed Toronto in the process. And Ooma cannot forgive this. But before their fight can progress, D’s brother shows up to capture them and return them home.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 4.56.21 PM

Is It Good?

The complexity of this story is growing issue by issue and I’m definitely happy about that – we got a lot more character development and some solid backstory for more of the characters. Each characters’ reasons for leaving looked shallow and impulsive on the surface, and none bothered me as much as Dewydd. Running after a girl who mostly likely doesn’t love you? Ouch. But we finally got a glimpse that he’s got something more going on and the moment between him and his brother reinforced that.

There was great pacing in this issue, as well as nice levels of quiet moments and action. Marcus To continues to knock it out of the park with his incredible art, made even better with Irma Kniivila’s gorgeous, rich colors. His use of panel arrangement makes each page unique, and I especially like the panels with the pure white backgrounds, which pop in an interesting way.


Definitely looking forward to where the story is going.

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