When we last left our intrepid adventurer, she…well. SPOILER ALERT. She was dead. This is Dark Souls though, so death is merely a doorway, into an even more horrible existence! Yay!

Let’s pick up with issue #3 and see just how bad it can get for someone, and whether or not the power, excellent artwork, and plot continue.

Dark Souls #3 (Titan Comics)

Nothing like wearing full plate armor next to a fire. Smell that roasted zombie!

Our hero Fira has journeyed from her home, lost her memory, potentially watched her family die (yay unreliable narrator!), and is afflicted with a curse that she does not know the full extent of.

To add to an already bad day, in issue 2, after defeating a massive monster to gain the relict it guarded, she died.

No really. Died. Stabbed through the stomach, expired, extinct, etc. Not like Jean Grey it was a clone, actually dead.

Only, in these lands, it turns out the curse does not let one simply die–instead it slowly turns one into a shell of their former self, growing hollow, and more decrepit, while humanity is stripped away…which sounds very similar to the flashback of Fira’s family from issue one.

We get another glimpse of Fira’s past and family…and none of this looks like it ends well…

Oh s--t, stop drop and roll honey! Stop drop and roll! (please note the doll from issue 1!)

We open with Fira awakening, bloodied and with skin and eyes a bit more grey than last we saw. Her companion, the scryer Aldritch is missing, and some mean ass birds want her for breakfast.


Is It Good?

I’m still 100% on board with this series. The twists and turns, while in some ways predictable (uh hello? the main character dying is a FEATURE of the games), the insight into the mental state that constant dying brings is excellent.

Fira is a truly tortured soul–one who probably will not live to see the end of her quest, and who probably won’t be able to comprehend it rather soon. She still soldiers on, as a mother, a soldier, and a hero, to do what’s right even at the cost of what humanity she has left.

That one path: “Where do these stairs go Ray?” “Up….they go up.”

This issue brings us forward to a key point–which you’ll have to read yourself to see–and makes us wonder just what could be around the next corner for the warrior and the scryer.

Bring on issue 4!

*resumes playing Dark Souls 3 nonstop*

Dark Souls #3 Review
Artwork to die (ha!) for, plot twists galoreGetting to see behind the badass - and to the fragile mental state of Fira is welcoming.
It took 4 issues to get to a death scene. I died in Dark Souls in my first five minutes playing. BIT unrealistic.
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