Based on the cover, Deathstroke really ticked off Ra’s Al Ghul, but wait, weren’t they friends last issue?

Deathstroke #20 (DC Comics)


So what’s this book about? The official DC summary reads:

It’s all-out war! Slade Wilson attacks the island stronghold controlled by the mercenary army called “the Dead Bastards,” while his one-time comrade Victor Ruiz leads a lethal strike group from the League of Assassins. But in order to protect his children, Rose and Jericho, Slade may be forced to battle Ra’s al Ghul…to the last killer standing. Will this be the end of Deathstroke?

Why does this book matter?

I was impressed with the art and story last issue as Deathstroke was faced with a pivotal choice: befriend Ra’s or else his kids die. At the same time Deathstroke has to fight through three of his biggest villains. Danger from all sides, what’s not to love!?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Writer James Bonny let’s the action fly once again in this issue and does so with a few surprises up his sleeve. Ra’s may be calling the shots, but when Victor Ruiz attempts to escape, Deathstroke goes full tilt cutting through multiple henchmen and supervillains to get to him. It’s a lot of fun action and damn does Deathstroke not hold back. If you wanted a bit of gore with your Deathstroke you came to the right place.

Once again I’m digging the art by Paolo Pantalena with nice details in costumes, action, and neck veins! There’s somewhat of a manga feel to the issue and it suits the high action and big drama on every page. When Ra’s and Deathstroke fight (no spoiler here folks it’s on the cover!) Ra’s looks like some kind of ancient warrior teacher going up against the soldier like Deathstroke. Who I might add looks fantastic too.


It can’t be perfect can it?

Action drives this entire issue so if you’re looking for anything more you’ve come to the wrong place. The end wraps things up too quickly (a problem a lot of comics have due to the 22 page count), and Ra’s too easily accepts the offer on the table at the end. Does it all make sense? Yeah, more or less, but not enough is developed to make it all feel earned.

Is It Good?

A fitting end to the story arc as Deathstroke delivers the ultra violence. Action fans should pick this up, but anyone looking for more robust character work can skip it.

Deathstroke #20 Review
Lots of gory violence and actionThe actions of the characters all add up but...
...all of it doesn't feel earned
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