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Titans #1 Review

Titans may be the sleeper title of the DCU Rebirth series as it’s got a lead on a massive battle no one sees coming.

Is it good?

Titans #1 (DC Comics)

So what’s this book about? The official DC summary reads:

After an old ally returns to the team, the Titans set their sights on a dangerous enemy with the power to change reality itself! But the Titans have never faced a threat this massive before, and with so much on the line, will they be able to stand united as a team? Or will their past mistakes be their undoing?

Why does this book matter?

Dan Abnett seems to be everywhere when it comes to DC comics these days. His Aquaman #50 issue was phenomenal and Brett Booth, artist on this title, also drew that book took. Together they blew me away, so what are the chances they do it again here?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is a new-reader-friendly first issue that opens with four well-written and succinct pages that recap where Wally West was, how he grew up from Kid Flash to just Flash, and where he’s at now. Much of the issue requires Wally to sit with Omen and allow her to dig into his memory. We do however, get a great intro to his old girlfriend Linda Park who in this universe doesn’t even know who Wally is (which is incredibly tragic). Wally wants to find her of course, but at the same time, Flash and Omen are trying to figure out what the looming super threat is and work towards stopping it.

In the meantime Arsenal and Donna Troy go on a quest to find more info and Aqualad has a funny moment involving a story about a dolphin. While the team doesn’t do a heck of a lot in this issue given the time spent recapping Wally’s past and who his girlfriend is, Abnett finishes the issue with a nice introduction to the villain of this story arc. I don’t want to give it away, but he makes a great entrance that puts any birthday magician to shame.

Coming in hot!

The art by Booth is as detailed and eye catching as ever. I particularly liked the layouts and intro of the villain in this issue, but Wally’s recap is well done too. The characters look great (with all their rippling muscles and classic costumes) and he really nails Wally’s facial expressions to help us understand the predicament he’s in.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There are a few panels that threw me off a bit with the art though. For instance, there’s a splash page to show all our heroes in one room and Donna Troy strangely seems to be looking at the reader. While the detail is nice throughout, there’s a panel or two where it’s just too jam packed with characters for its own good, cluttering the page.

While, naturally, much of Titans #1 is table setting, it’s unfortunate the entire team doesn’t get a part in the story. Nightwing in particular stands around mostly and as far as team books there isn’t much teamwork going on. Aside from Nightwing, every character gets a moment, but certainly not all together. Once Wally can get his memories in order hopefully this series opens up!

What is she looking at?

Is It Good?

A decent start to the series that does a fantastic job introducing Wally West, his girlfriend, and the impending threat to the team.


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