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Bloodlines #5 Review

What would you do if you found out a virus gave you superpowers, but then later found out it was going to take over your mind? Being a teenager is hard enough, but the creative team behind Bloodlines has proven it can be a lot worse. We review the latest issue and answer the question, is it good?

Bloodlines #5 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? According to DC Comics official summary:

Ever since they were infected by alien parasites, Eddie and the others have been fighting the threat inside their own bodies—fighting to save themselves and everyone around them. But now, the infestation has hit critical mass and the loved ones they were trying to protect have been taken over, body and soul!

Why does this book matter?

Writer J.T. Krul has finally got all the super powered heroes (at least right now) together which means it’s time to kick the butt of the bad guys! Plus, V Ken Marion draws in a detailed 90s style that’s hard to not feel nostalgic over.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The flashback reveals why Duncan is such a hater.

Krul sheds a bit more light on Duncan–the gun-toting hero who wants to kill all the characters in this comic–which is helpful given his erratic behavior. The heroes actually encounter a human character who has powers too–and isn’t such a good guy either. That allows this team to fight together for the first time which sets up their big encounter near the end of the issue. Krul is bringing things to a head and, hopefully, more answers are revealed.

One bit of dialogue does well to characterize a few of the characters and it’s a highlight of the issue. One of the characters leads the others to a specific location and a theory sprouts that maybe the parasite has entered his brain. It dials you into the scientific mind of one of the characters and the empathy of others.

Marion continues to draw good action and plenty of super power special effects. The light powers look particularly cool and our blue muscle monster looks strong and ready to fight. A full page splash reveals the culprit behind it all and it imbues the nastiness of Alien.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Unfortunately, Duncan continues to be a laughable character that goes from homicidal to a shrugging “I’ll kill you later” character. While the flashbacks help explain his anger, his actions and dialogue are so irrational and forward it’s hard to take him seriously. He has another moment in this issue that involves pointing a gun at a teenager and once again you roll your eyes because you know how it will play out. He’s threatened these characters so many times it has become a joke when he does it again.

The fact that the other characters follow him is baffling. In fact, none of the characters act in a way you’d expect and seem to do things only to serve the plot. Besides being victims of a parasite there isn’t much to these characters at all.

Oh no, what ever will happen next?!

Is It Good?

There’s more plot development and action in this issue with a promise of some real answers, but it’s hard to deny the characters are flat. Duncan practically derails every scene he has a line in.


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