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Green Lanterns #4 Review

The Red Lanterns are taking over Earth, slowly, but considering the only heroes to stop them are two very new Green Lanterns you have to wonder… can they get the job done?

Green Lanterns #4 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? According to DC Comics official summary:

“Red Planet” part four! There’s no escaping the rage that grows around the world, as new Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz confront Bleez. But with no training, no backup and no way out, the Green Lantern Corps partners also find themselves out of options.

Why does this book matter?

Sam Humphries has shown his character work is one of the greatest strengths of this series. If you like character development you can’t go wrong here. On top of that Robson Rocha and Ed Benes have delivered event caliber art to a story that’s just as epic.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Simon and Jessica need to make friends and they need to do it quickly! Humphries delivers a hero vs. hero issue in Green Lanterns #4 and he does it well. With Jessica on the fritz and losing herself to the rage Simon can’t do much more than talk the whole situation out in his own head. Reminding us of his ability to bring people back from previous issues, Humphries makes the events in this issue feel earned and meaningful to the characters; the two have a heart to heart that’s well written too, with a good bead on pace and timing that makes you feel like you’re witness to a emotional moment for the both them.

There’s also a well placed moment for the new blue character who drops a good deal of new information that also does well to give Nazir and Sira a few moments of page time. This and the main thrust of the story show Humphries is always delivering something to the reader. You’ll never feel bored and the story never feels decompressed.

Well I guess Simon is screwed…

The art team does well in this issue at conveying all the pain and confusion Jessica is going through. When Jessica and Simon attempt to work things out it never rings false due to the well drawn facial expressions and body language. The cliffhanger splash page is quite epic too (pretty sure this one was by Rocha) with plenty of detail and murderous rage in our villains’ faces. The scope of the Hell Tower is quite good too (although it is brief) conveying the depth in a page or two.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The dialogue is meaningful and the characterization is well-written, but there are quite a few panels lacking in the backgrounds department. When characters are only talking the flat and sometimes blank backgrounds don’t help give the scenes that extra oomph they need.

Yup, he’s done for.

Is It Good?

Teamwork isn’t just about working together, but working things out together and this issue is a master class in that regard. If you like character work this book is for you.


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