Time for another brand new issue of Superman. Let’s see what’s in store for the big blue and his family. Is it good?

Superman #4 (DC Comics)


Eradicator has swallowed Krypto when it stepped in to save Jon, seemingly killing the poor pooch! Not liking that, Superman and Jon start fighting the villain, which unleashes a surprising thing within the being.

Spoiler Corner

When Krypton went ka-boom, Eradicator managed to suck in all of the dying souls into its body. So when the father and son duo knocked his block off, all of the souls escaped!

One event leads to another and the Kent family and Eradicator end up teleporting to Metropolis. In particular, they end up in the bar of Bibbo, an old supporting character of the Superman comics. They were taken to the bar because the souls were drawn to the piece of Kryptonite that’s kept there.

Superman manages to talk to the spirits and help calm them down, but Eradicator, being a big sourpuss, tries sucking them all back into his body.

The spirits buy Superman and his family some time to escape and get away from the civilians. Thinking that such a fight with Eradicator could be very devastating, Superman decides to lure him to the moon!


Superman #4 continues to be very good when it comes to the writing and characterization (loved the opening scene between Lois and Jon). It’s paced well, the action is nice, and the dialogue is decent. However, it also continues being rather slow going and not particularly heavy on the story. We got an interesting development this time around and we’re setting up for a major throwdown next issue, but that’s really it. It’s essentially a middle of the arc sort of issue: Not bad, but it feels better when you have the whole arc in front of you so you can experience it all at once.

On a big positive side, Patrick Gleason has returned to art duties this issue and his work looks great here. He really nails the action, the mood of each scene, the characters and how they emote, and the layouts. The artwork gets a tad busy in the middle of the issue, but not enough to really harm the book or take away from the mostly gorgeous artwork.

Most Memorable Moment

I’m sure he didn’t need that jaw at all.

Superman #4 Review
Writing and characterization is good.Patrick Gleason’s artwork is solid.
Story feels slow and isn’t progressing very quickly.Artwork gets a bit busy and noisy in one scene.
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