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Detective Comics #938 Review

And we are back to Detective Comics this week with the next part of the “Rise of the Batmen” story arc; this latest installment promises “Batman, Batwoman and the entire team [taking] the fight to the Colony.”

Is it good?

Detective Comics #938 (DC Comics)



After a flashback where Colonel Jacob Kane makes a promise to his daughter that eventually becomes the Colony, we turn to the present where our heroes are fighting said villains. It’s an all-out war between the “highly trained operatives that took out the Bat-team on their own turf” and the Bat-Clan themselves. Who will come out on top?

Spoiler Corner:

After a bunch of fighting, Batwoman and the rest of the team escape the Colony hideout with the information they retrieved from the group. They now have the info to dismantle this group and stop them from hurting innocent targets (one of them possibly being the League of Shadows).

Ulysses Hardian Armstrong reveals to Colonel Kane that he’s in control of super powerful Bat Drones and is ready to use them against their targets ahead of schedule. Kane thinks it is risky, but allows him to go through with it, even if it puts civilians in grave danger.


As with last issue, Detective Comics #938 is very light on story. We get some developments at the end, but otherwise, it’s mostly a big fight scene between the Bat-Family and the Colony. Considering how anti-climactic the fights have been up to this point, this was a nice enough change of pace and the comic got to show off the heroes throwing down all at once.

Detective Comics #938 features some solid characterization as well, as writer James Tynion IV displays how unique each member is in their approach to fighting and even adds some extra backstory for Colonel Kane. Now if only the issue had given us some more meat to chew on.

The artwork is done by Alvaro Martinez again, but with Al Barrionuevo backing him up (sadly not listed on the cover). Barrionuevo provides artwork for the flashback sequence, while Martinez does everything else. Both of them do a great job, nailing the look of the characters, the locations, and capturing the right mood. Barrionuevo was better at capturing the emotions of the scene he drew while Martinez did a really solid job at depicting the action and making it look so energetic. Bottom line: Detective Comics #938 is a great looking book from beginning to end with really no complaints.

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