The first issue of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was pretty good. It had some problems, but it got things moving. How does the second issue fare? Is it good?

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2 (DC Comics)


The Green Lantern Corps have finally arrived in the regular universe after being missing, but they are wounded and weak. Elsewhere, Hal Jordan is facing down some Sinestro Corps members while Sinestro talks with his daughter. Things continue to move slowly for every group.

Spoiler Corner

With most of the Corps weak and not up for fighting, the de facto leader of the group, John Stewart, elects Guy Gardner to head out into the universe and do some recon. Gardner is more than up for the job and is rearing for a fight.

Sinestro monologues to his daughter about why he is changing the course of the Sinestro Corps yet again and about how he used Soranik to get things moving. During his villainous speech, he gets contacted about Hal Jordan still being alive, much to his shock.

Hal Jordan fights off two Sinestro Corps members, who are told to flee by Sinestro after hearing about Hal. The two fly off and our title character gives chase. He eventually reaches a planet that is being attacked by Sinestro Corps members.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2 is perhaps the most decompressed comic that I have read in quite a while. It LOVES double page spreads, splash pages, and gigantic panels that take up almost an entire page. The story barely moved an inch and the action was incredibly static because of that (even if the static shots were rather exciting in appearance), which left the comic feeling rather shallow. The plot developments and characterization we do get are nice and it’s not a badly written story, but it just feels so egregiously light and uneventful that it doesn’t even feel worth three dollars.

The plus side to the comic is that Rafa Sandoval continues art duties and his work does look nice. He does have a problem with human musculature and foreshortening in pages, but he does a solid job at depicting all of the characters and capturing their emotion in every scene (particular highlight goes to Sinestro and Soranik’s conservation). The locations, whenever they’re actually drawn in and not just a flat color background, are detailed well enough and the aliens are distinct looking in their designs. The power ring constructs are penciled very well and the colors from Tomeu Morey make everything look better.

Most Memorable Moment

Oh sure! Throw THAT phrase back at me after I told you the same thing!

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2 Review
The writing and story aren’t bad.The artwork is nice.
Very little actually happens.Very decompressed and overdoes it on the splash pages.Character musculature is wonky in some panels.
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