Conan is known as a barbarian, but a slayer? Isn’t that a word for killers or hitmen? Either way, Conan is nowhere near capable of that as he’s still healing from his wounds of the last issue. Question is, is this issue good?

Conan the Slayer #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

So what’s it about? The Dark Horse summary reads:

Now riding with the fearsome Kozaki, Conan becomes a mentor to one of the chief’s two sons—earning the hatred of the other son, who has dire plans for both the tribe and the Cimmerian!

Why does this book matter?

Writer Cullen Bunn thrust Conan into a interesting family dynamic as a leader insisting on caring for the dying Conan. Unfortunately the man’s children don’t agree with his choice, which makes for an interesting base for the story. Plus, Sergio Davila has been able to draw more gore than we’ve seen with the character in ages.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

What’s wrong with your face?!

This issue is basically three scenes. The first of which opens on one of the sons who’s up to no good. Fans of Busiek’s Conan should rest easy, as there are clearly magic and fantasy elements afoot. The last issue was all about Conan kicking human ass, but clearly Bunn is setting up to bring in the monsters. Bunn also does well to capture Conan’s never fear approach to living life and thrusts him into one hell of an action sequence.

There’s an interesting bit of dialogue that discusses family in a vicious sort of way. It’s positively what Conan would think in regards to sons and daughters which goes against the leader of the tribe’s ideology.

Speaking of action sequences, Sergio Davila kills it on the gore and fighting. There’s one page in this book that’s so well laid out and drawn you’d want to frame it. There’s also a bit of strategy in the fight sequence that shows us Conan can be surprised too. And boy, is the reader surprised with the last page. Davila draws some epic fantasy creatures that you’ll be dying to see in issue #3.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Time is spent with Conan testing one of the sons and he even admits he allows the son to get close to him. Why, I’m not so sure. Bunn may be developing relationships here, but not much new is developed.

Oh, s--t!

Is It Good?

Once again, Conan the Slayer proves if you like your ultraviolence with gore this is the swords and sorcery book for you.

Conan the Slayer #2 Review
Sword and sorcery elements are greatGot to love Conan's take on familyOh dear lord the action is sweet
The family element isn't developed much and inexplicably Conan tests the youngest
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