The second issue of the new Green Lantern series has come and gone. It was alright, but let’s see where the third issue takes us! Is it good?

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3 (DC Comics)


Hal Jordan faces down some Sinestro Corps members while Guy Gardner is somewhere fighting some unseen force. Also, fear shenanigans ensue.

Spoiler Corner

Sinestro invites a person named Administer Lash to his home turf to discuss some sort of alliance. They seem to agree upon something and Soranik watches from afar doing nothing.

The Sinestro Corps have developed some sort of new weapon called the Fear Engine that supercharges their rings. The more fear they drain from kidnapped people, the stronger they become. They become so strong that they eventually defeat Hal Jordan, knocking him out.


While certainly nowhere near as decompressed as the last issue, the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps leaves so much to be desired. It feels like there is so little happening in the series every issue. We meet a new character, learn of a new weapon, and then we get the standard shocking cliffhanger. That’s really it. We don’t get much follow up with the other Lanterns besides Hal, there’s very little characterization going on (I do like Hal’s final stand at least), and the comic just drags on and on for several pages worth of fighting, including having a false ending. Like said last time, this feels egregiously light on almost everything and is not remotely worth the three-dollar entry point.

The only thing not lacking is the artwork, which still looks very nice overall. Rafal Sandoval’s work drawing and bringing the characters to life is fantastic, capturing the pain and hardship everyone is going through throughout the book just perfectly. The action is very nice to look at and the layouts flow pretty well. It’s just that the art feels wasted at times with how many huge panels or big spreads that are used to just eat up a page minimum. It feels so painfully obvious the art is presented just so it can pad the issue out and that’s just not good for what should be a huge book from DC.

Most Memorable Moment

Oh my god, he has an evil gecko tongue!!!

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3 Review
Hal Jordan and his moments are written very well.The artwork is very nice to look at.
The story barely moves or progresses in the issue.The comic feels very padded out.
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