Just over 6 months after their story ‘In the Night, Mountains Grew’ was released as part of the Broken Frontier Anthology, Marguerite Bennet​t​ (Bombshells, Inse​X​ts) and Varga Tomi​ (TMNT Universe)​ are back at it with two brand new tales, ‘Koi’ and ‘Cider’, included along with their BF Anthology story, in a one-shot called Ghastly Tales due out on September 7.

An Alaskan ranger, a maiden scorned, a family of bootleggers; all cling desperately to the things in life they hold most dear, and woe is the fate of those who mean to do it harm.

Ghastly Tales

Written by: Marguerite Bennett
Art by: Varga Tomi
Release Date: September 7






Ghastly Tales will be available world-wide as a digital release on ComiXology, the print run has been limited to only 400 copies​, available directly from A Wave Blue World’s website. This also includes the option to get signed copies by Marguerite Bennett and Varga Tomi which come with a certificate of authenticity and number to only 30 copies.​