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Dishonored #2 Review

This time, in Dishonored: does Corvo find the boy? Does Martha kick some ass? Do we get more creepy steampunk technology? IS IT GOOD? Find the answers within!

Dishonored #2 (Titan Comics)

Smell that sea air and rotting whale carcass? AHHHH DUNWALL.

Corvo, the Royal Protector, is trying to determine who has been smuggling weapons into the City of Dunwall. A crime of this magnitude could easily rework the ongoing power struggles in the city, so he knows he has to use all of his options, both surrogate and supernatural. He chooses his own particular skill set:

Um, of course they do–you have a creepy mask, a knife, and you broke in at 2am.

His surrogate, Martha Cottings, has been recruited by Corvo to help track down the street level evidence of smuggling. His reason for choosing her? He believes she might be an apprentice to him, someone for him to train to take over when his road ends. Her position and her by-the-book approach leads her to information that Corvo might not find in his usual dark void stealthy way.

Martha is badass and dresses like George Washington. Love it.

While Martha tracks down the weapons, Corvo has to find the young boy he met in issue #1–a boy who might be bait for a trap, or a connection to his long lost sister.

Is It Good?

As I gushed about in my first review, the setting and creepy world of Dunwall really sets this book (and the game) up for excellence, and this series is delivering very well so far.

The dichotomy of our stealthy Royal Protector and our take-no-prisoners-in-the-open Guardswoman is an excellent play, and the enemies and plots they uncover are a testament to the setting and to a very compelling art style.

I’m booting up my Dishonored game tonight now that I’ve reviewed this, as it’s given me the bug to get back into this world.


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