Fayez and Greene may not like each other much, but they are somehow getting very close to identifying the Juice Box Killer. Notice that I didn’t say ‘catching’ the Juice Box Killer because that’s going to prove to be one heck of a tall order.

As if that weren’t enough intrigue to set up a good issue, we also have plenty of weirdness this time around, both of the cosmic and earth-bound variety.

Is it good?

Weird Detective #4 (Dark Horse Comics)


  • Geez. The alien inhabiting Greene’s body didn’t pick much of a winner, did it?
  • Poor Fayez. Good partner, great cop, and what’s quickly becoming a lousy career.
  • Nothing good ever comes from going to look for a creepy kid hiding in a dark basement.
  • Greene’s cat may be my favorite supporting character of all time.
  • Hmmm…maybe Fayez is 100% sympathetic after all…
  • Go get ‘em, Greene.

Is It Good?

The Shadow Out of Time isn’t one of my favorite H.P. Lovecraft stories, but I do love the concepts it deals with. I also absolutely love the way Weird Detective is using them to frame the story. You don’t have to be familiar with Lovecraft’s work to enjoy this title, but it certainly does enhance things.

The best part of the book, however, continues to be writer Fred Van Lente’s dialogue. Greene’s interactions with Fayez, his cat, and even himself are all types of fun to read. This particular issue also allows artist Guiu Vilanova to really cut loose. The scene with Greene confronting the Juice Box killer is both chilling and kinetically insane.

And speaking of the Juice Box Killer, Weird Detective still has plenty of mysteries and plot threads that need to be tied up. Depending on how we finish things up next month, this title could lock itself in as my official Best Miniseries of 2016.

I know, I know. Such a huge honor should be given with only the utmost consideration AND only at the end of the calendar year.

But considering how good the series as been thus far—and how good it could be at the end—I’d put my money on the surprisingly seamless mix of the eldritch horror and buddy cop hilarity this title has gifted us.

…and all the cool Lovecraftian monsters, too.

Weird Detective #4 Review
Van Lente's dialogue continues to be outstanding and hilarious.Vilanova really cuts loose this issue, providing us with a terrifying and kinetically insane fight sequence.Greene's cat is the best supporting character ever.
Lots of loose ends to tie up...maybe too much for only one more issue.
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