When this miniseries was first announced, I got all types of excited for some Kong vs. Dino action…which we’ve received, but only in small doses. So far, the series has been primarily centered on the character of Ewata (good) and a major tribal conflict (not so good).

But after the cliffhanger from last issue, it looked like we were headed for some major (and extended) monstrous fisticuffs. And just look at that gorgeous cover!

With bated breath and trembling hands, I opened Kong of Skull Island #3 and prepared to have my mind blown.

Is it good?

Kong of Skull Island #3 (IDW Publishing)



  • Ah man, we’re already back to the tribal stuff…
  • …but at least there are fiery volcanoes and rampaging Kongs.
  • Get’ em, Ewata!
  • kong-of-skull-island-3-battle

  • I’m not sure whether to be impressed or annoyed at how much bureaucratic exposition thee characters can pull off while fleeing for their lives.
  • Wow. I get where the prince is coming from, but he didn’t need to be a total douche about it.
  • There’s more political infighting in this than an episode of The West Wing.

Is It Good?


Once again, we’re left with a cool cliffhanger that implies a massive creature battle is nigh. I want to be excited about it, but all the bickering and pleading between the (mostly unlikable) characters almost lulled me to sleep.

Not only are the characters predictable, but they have also developed an exceptionally bad habit of narrating themselves. Even Ewata, the lone bright spot in the book’s human cast, falls into this expositional trap.


The one thing keeping me around right now is the art by Carlos Magno. Everything he draws is superb, but his monsters are out of this world. One splash page in particular near the end of the issue is poster-worthy.

Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to cut loose a bit next month. Otherwise, I may have to release this title from my pull list.

Kong of Skull Island #3 Review
Carlos Magno's art is great.
Everything else isn't.The characters have developed a bad habit of narrating themselves. Lots of political bickering between mostly unlikable characters (save for Ewata), all while the monsters are pushed into the background.
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