Josie’s past finds her again and offers her a possible solution to her scheduling problems. Is it good?

Lady Killer 2 #2(Dark Horse Comics)


As Josie is trying to clean up her kill from the previous issue, the mysterious figure that appeared turns out to be Irving, the old German man that Josie’s mother-in-law knew and who was last seen at the World’s Fair at the end of Lady Killer 1. Irving makes Josie an offer she can’t refuse: for a cut of her profits, he’ll dispose of her victims for her, giving her time to spend with her family.

Just as she’s deciding whether to take that offer, another one comes along. A mysterious man offers Josie a place in an assassin’s union, giving her access to higher quality clients but at a very steep entry price. He offers her a probationary period, just as she’s given one to Irving. Will these be the answers to all Josie’s problems, or is it all too good to be true?

Is It Good?

I have to remind myself with every review that I can’t spend my entire time gushing about how much I love Joelle Jones’ art and Michelle Madsen’s colors. So I’ll just say, every issue Jones challenges herself with something new to tackle and this week we get a great beach scene for her to drool over fantastic vintage beach wear, and a bingo game at a church, where they get to have fun with stained glass. Like this interesting juxtaposition:


I’m pretty sure that’s a scene of the Devil tempting Jesus in the desert. I think we can assume that the mysterious union is probably going to be more complicated and give Josie some interesting twists to deal with as the story progresses. This meeting has to be a nod to the best movie about hitmen, Grosse Pointe Blank, right? Just trade bingo cards for egg white omelettes.

And let’s talk about my new favorite, “uncle” Irving. His perfect mixture of tenderness with Josie’s children and his hilarious “you doing alright?” in the airplane as Josie is choking the life out of a pilot with her thighs against his ruthless delight as he’s dismembering a corpse makes him steal every scene he’s in. I’m always a fan of a dynamic duo and I think this is going to give the story an excellent drive.

This comic never fails to delight me. Every panel has something that catches your eye and stops you from racing through the issue, and her use of textures and playfulness with breaking panel walls mirrors Josie’s desires to break out of her stifled 60’s housewife role. I’m sure there will be an issue I’ll rate less than 10 some day, but this is not it.

Lady Killer 2 #2 Review
Art and colors I can never get enough ofExcellent new twist to the storyIrving is my new favorite character
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