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Wonder Woman #6 Review

Diana and Steve leave the Amazons behind, land in the United States, and face the realities of their future. Is it good?

Wonder Woman #6 (DC Comics)


Diana and Steve are still trying to fight through their inability to understand each other’s languages as the invisible jet flies them away from Themyscira and Diana’s entire life.


Once they land, they head straight to the nearest military base, where the leadership struggles to come to terms with the advanced weaponry (and Steve’s miraculously healed body), the dissolving invisible jet, and Diana’s power and lack of English. And tying in with the other side of the WW comics, Etta Candy and the non-Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva both try to help Diana and Steve navigate this new terrain.

But as isolated as Diana feels, a piece of her world is still with her in this new reality.

Is It Good?

While there isn’t a huge amount of action in this issue, we get some great character moments and development of their relationships. Steve and Diana’s bond and attraction is growing stronger despite their inability to communicate, and we get to see why Diana is fighting so hard to keep Cheetah close to her humanity with the beginning of their friendship.

One feature I really like about this new start of the WW mythos is giving Steve a best friend. Establishing his life before he meets Diana, experiencing that loss and giving him a reason outside of pure attraction to Diana to protect her and learn about her and her culture makes him a more rounded and real character. I love the scene of him singing to the baby, and letting him and Maya have that moment of honesty was incredibly powerful.


It’s also fun seeing Diana out of her element but delighted in the little parts of the world around her. I mean, who can resist a good selfie? I do think it’s interesting that while we see Diana imprisoned, she’s never handcuffed or physically restrained beyond being behind bars, which I can’t help but think is intentionally playing against her Marston-era creation.

I never get tired of seeing what Nicola Scott is going to do in each panel of these issues and she gets lots of moments to shine. I especially like how she took on the challenge of the invisible jet, aided admirably by Romulo Fajardo Jr’s beautiful colors.


One of Scott’s greatest strengths is her facial expressions and she gets several great panels to play with. I also never get tired of the diversity she includes with characters in almost every scene.

Now that the gods have appeared to Diana, we’ll see what gifts they have bestowed and how that’s going to affect her future, and I can’t wait.


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