It has only been a week since the last issue of Green Lanterns so try to keep up! This issue is a bit of a buffer issue between story arcs, but progresses the Cruz/Baz relationship. We check it out and ask the question, is it good?

Green Lanterns #7 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? Check the official DC summary:

“FAMILY DINNER”! The rookie Green Lanterns try to reconcile some of their differences, when Simon Baz makes a terrifying offer to Jessica by inviting her over for dinner with his family. Can the two survive this with the mysterious Guardian tracking the duo?

Why does this book matter?

I have the sneaking suspicion writer Sam Humphries has been highly anticipating getting that 6 issue story arc done so he could get down and dig into these characters without super powers and villains getting in the way. This is his opportunity to allow Cruz and Baz to open up and get to know each other; that’ll pay dividends in the future when/if they are pushed to save each other.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Stress levels rising!

Humphries infuses this issue with a bit of humor, which is a nice touch as Cruz’s crippling anxiety has been a major downer in issues past. It’s a necessary downer, but it’s nice to see her joke a bit about her condition as it makes her self reflective. Baz gets self reflective too, more so in this issue actually, as he relates his relationship to his mother to Cruz. His flashbacks to when he was growing up go a long way in making him a more robust and human character and if you’re at all interested in Simon Baz you shouldn’t miss this issue.

The main plot of the issue revolves around making Baz’s mother cookies – a recipe that she brought from Lebanon – and Humphries does a good job establishing the stakes in play over these cookies. He uses it not only to get Cruz and Baz to bond, but to satisfyingly build up the tension that leads to the climactic tasting. Humphries successfully builds up Baz’s character in the process and makes him likeable and relatable.

The art by Ronan Cliquet works in embodying the characters feelings and emotions. That’s the most important element of this issue, but the costumes, the creepy blue dude in the attic, and the powers all look spot on. Speaking of the blue dude (a Guardian of the Universe), his intro in the issue is quite something with a lot of neat glowing effects surrounding him. Cliquet makes the character look otherworldly and wise in every panel (plus he pulls off a fun moment between he and Baz’s nephew).

It can’t be perfect can it?

The cookie making scene is a bit much however! It’s not played for laughs, but it’s goofy as hell and the smiles on the Lanterns faces will make you laugh at them rather than with them.

That’s pretty funny.

Is It Good?

Green Lanterns #7 perfectly embodies the stress and anxiety we all face hanging with family at Thanksgiving dinner. Humphries continues to prove writing characters is his forte. If you like character work you shouldn’t miss this series.

Green Lanterns #7 Review
Solid character work that'll make you understand and relate to the charactersArt is spot on with facial expressionsBuilds up to a dramatic beat...but no super villains necessary!
The cookie making scene is way too silly and over the top with smiles
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