When we last left our weirdos, we still had a disembodied former warrior god now trapped as a scarecrow with a sword, Del–the hilarious bad-ass, and the missing body of the aforementioned barbarian/god/thing, converging to meet, and probably kick each other in the teeth.

You know what? Read this:

“So, you follow all that? No? Ok well there’s a sword…”

All caught up? LET’S ROCK!

Rumble #14 (Image Comics)

Ok, so you’ve got Rathraq on the left as a scarecrow, but that’s his ACTUAL body on the right, only it’s missing a heart. See? Simple.

Issue 14 is, as the writers themselves state, a quiet issue:

See? Nice and quiet.

That’s not a bad thing. The one hallmark of Rumble has been how much action they managed to cram into the pages, and with Stewart’s artwork that’s always welcome. Still, there are a great deal of moving parts to this narrative as you can see with the above attempt to describe the plot, so a catch your breath moment has been needed, and this does it well.

My own favorite comic character, Del, is once again an amazing addition to that ongoing plot, acting as a bit of a clueless but incredibly loyal friend to the reader–helping with explanations where needed, and more than willing to start some s--t on your behalf:


Does It Rock?


This entire run has been excellent, and a catch up issue felt needed–as I’m sure Image’s sales bump dramatically every time you constant readers catch one of my articles–so reorganizing the playing field for the characters was good.

Also, they call this a quiet issue, but there’s quite a bit of head chopping, sword swinging, bus crashing, mace pounding, and Del saying m----------r to whet your appetite.

Always good, always fun, and with this issue, a perfect jumping in point for new readers.


Rumble #14 Review
Great issue, good catch-up, and a nice breather...but still SO much of the actions.Artwork, as always, is killer. Perfect spot for new readers to jump in, and also to remind existing readers of the stakes
Slow issues aren't what this comic is known for, so might feel too talky for some
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