DC Comics has released Green Lantern volume 8 this week, Reflections. The collection opens with Hal coming back to Earth after a long adventure in space and ends with the Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth issue and his new direction — and with everything in between that’s a huge jump. Here are five reasons why Volume 8 is a must read for Green Lantern fans.

Green Lantern Vol. 8 Reflections (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The DC summary reads:

It’s a battle for the fate of Earth in these epics from GREEN LANTERN #47-52 [editor’s note: and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1]! Parallax believes Hal Jordan has failed this universe—and now, he’s prepared to wipe Hal out of existence! It’s a battle neither Jordan can win, and one that will change both forever.

1. Hal has to fight for family and that gives him purpose.

One of the main motivators for Hal to go back to Earth is to visit his brother and his kids. When a villain strikes and his nephew is injured it becomes very personal. That’s a unique element for Hal considering he’s usually saving the entire planet. This leads to #2…

2. Hal must fight the ultimate threat…himself!

He literally has to fight a version of himself created due to the New 52 — one that is empowered by Parallax. Basically the stakes are very high, and they are increased due to his family being in direct threat by this evil sharp toothed version of himself. About midway through this book they fight and utilizing the full force of Parallax good guy Hal barely has a chance. The fight is big and bombastic rendered in full page splash pages that give it a big action movie feel. You’d think Hal has no chance but that leads to #3…

This is a heavy hitting battle indeed.

3. Hal discovers a new level of power.

It’s in the Rebirth issue we start to understand why Hal turns clear green – he’s tapping into literal will power – but we get to see this power in full force against Parallax and later a full alien hit squad. This ability changes the character to his core but it also allows writer Robert Venditti to play with a new set of powers and a character who is still trying to tame them.

4. Green Lantern takes on terrorism.

It’s interesting to see a character typically fighting enemies who can blow up a planet visit the U.N. to stop a terrorist attack. The book actually opens with a major terrorist attack that hits Hal close to home and it’s an interesting situation to see him in. The fact that his battle against terrorism – and the ultimate culprit Sonar – brings him into collaboration with Batman is only icing on the cake.

5. This is the book you need to read to understand the new, Rebirth version of Green Lantern.

This book establishes Green Lantern’s new ability and increase in power, but more importantly who he is as a human being. Along the way we also meet and learn about a version of Hal that’s out there in the universe controlling the incredible power of Parallax. If you don’t think that’s coming to bite back at Green Lantern you haven’t read this book.

You don’t want to see him when he’s angry.


Green Lantern Volume 8: Reflections is a must-have for Green Lantern fans new and old alike.

5 Reasons to Read 'Green Lantern Vol. 8: Reflections'
Establishes a new direction for Hal Jordan and includes the Rebirth issue too...you're basically in good hands if you want to understand the new direction of Green Lantern by reading this bookThe story arc explores Hal's relationship with family which raises the stakes and explores his character
A longer arc like this tends to switch artists, which does change the look drastically at timesThe Parallax battle, while cool, basically amounts to the villain licking their wounds to fight another day
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